Facilities at Wonder World

1. Well-trained Staff

Wonder World Water Park is equipped with generous and well- trained staff to make your trip hassle free.

2. Cloak-Room/ Locker Facilities

We have safe Locker Rooms for storage of your luggage and stuff till you enjoy at the park.

3. Trained Medical Staff

With professionals in medical treatment, we are ready to aid and assist you in the times of emergency.

4. World-Class Slides

Wonder World Water Park provides what its name promises, rides and slides that take you to the world of wonders.

5. Well- Maintained Landscape

A regular supervision towards the sanitation and sublimity of the landscape ensures you a garbage-free and pure environment to enjoy your day.

6. Mouth- Watering Food Options

We have delicacies from round the World to keep, both your body and your foodie-soul boosted. Have a look at our food mania!

7. Wheel Chair

You need not lag behind even at adversities; with well maintained wheel chair facilities our staffs are ready to give a helping hand at Wonder World.

8. Parking Facility

Wonder World has space for your vehicles. We promise to keep it safe!

9. Cabana/ Resting Room

Tired of playing? We have a space for your lay back as well. Check out the Cabana section.

10. Driver Rest Room

Wondering where your chauffeur is going to settle while you are inside the park? There is a cabana space in Wonder World where your driver can have a rest.

11. Photography (Under Water)

No doubt the view under water is breathtakingly beautiful. How about you get to capture the moment of under water for a lifetime? Wonder World provides you the facility of underwater photography.

12. VIP Lounge (for HIN clients)

Wonder World Water Park offers a private space for esteemed clients and VIP authorities.

13. Moms Corner/ Baby Feeding

Wonder World Water Park offers a private space for esteemed clients and VIP authorities.

14. Merchandise Shop

Want to carry something as a memento back home? Check out our merchandise store and get exciting offers and items.

15. Guest Safety and Security

We are all armed to keep our guest’s safety at check, that being our first and foremost priority.

16. Handicraft Shop

have look at our handicraft shop and get to take away a piece of handcrafted art, coming straight from the collection of world - class artists.